Pharmacy Tech Program: San Francisco Graduate Spotlight #4

Two Pharmacy Technician graduates ringing the I Got Hired! bell.Ariann Velasquez (pictured on the right ringing the BAMA ‘Got Hired Bell’ along with a fellow BAMA graduate) is now working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens after graduating BAMA’s pharmacy tech program.

“I like the rush of my job,” says Ariann. “It makes me feel alive.”

Ariann was hired at the Walgreens site where he completed his externship.

While a pharmacy technician graduate isn’t guaranteed to find employment at the site where they completed their externship, it’s something of a regular occurrence for students enrolled in BAMA’s pharmacy tech program.

With his new job working at Walgreens, Ariann is off to a great start following in the footsteps of his family, all of whom work in healthcare.

Ariann chose to come to BAMA on being impressed with the school after a campus tour, meeting with the program instructor, and speaking to students who were enrolled in the class.  Ariann also says, “I liked how BAMA’s pharmacy tech program offered hands-on training unlike a lot of other schools.”

On deciding BAMA was the right school for him, it was important for Ariann to commit to the program and not miss any class. This meant a new experience. “It was my first time riding BART every day. I had wake up very early to catch the train so I could get to school on time!”

Out of school, Ariann ensured he found time to relax during his time . “I liked to play basketball ,” Ariann says, talking about one way he maintained a healthy balance of school and other activities in his life. “I also enjoyed going on road trips with my family and friends.”

For anybody thinking about enrolling in BAMA’s pharmacy tech program, Ariann has this say: “Always follow instruction in class.”

Ariann is proof that when you do that, great things can come of it.

BAMA is proud to partner with Walgreens to provide students with a 240-hour, on-the-job
clinical pharmacy technician externship at one of the largest drugstore chains in the US.

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