Medical Assistant High School Scholarship

Medical Assistant High School ScholarshipWhat happens after being awarded a Bay Area Medical Academy Medical Assistant High School Scholarship?

Firstly, the student will start their training at either the school’s San Francisco or San Jose campus.

What then follows is a 9-month program that prepares the student for successful entry into the medical field.

Bay Area Medical Academy’s Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Program consists of three components:

  • Administrative skills training
  • Clinical skills training
  • 200-hour clinical externship

The program is divided into 8 learning units called modules.

The first 7-modules are classroom modules and each module stands alone as a unit of study and is not dependent upon the completion of any previous or subsequent module.

After the first 7-learning units there is a 200-hour clinical externship at a hospital or in a laboratory setting. This residency is a resume booster that provides a student with first-hand experience, improving their skills and abilities.

What’s It like to Be a Bay Area Medical Academy Medical Assisting Student?

Are you wondering what the Bay Area Medical Academy Medical Assistant student experience is like?

Here are 3 graduate videos to give you a good idea.


Applying for Bay Area Medical Academy’s Medical Assistant High School Scholarship

In today’s healthcare facilities, a Medical Assistant works on the front-line of patient care.

A medical assistant plays a crucial role in providing people with quality healthcare, helping patients feel at ease, and relieving physicians from many clinical and administrative duties.

Medical assisting can also be a great career stepping stone to working in other healthcare positions. For instance, with clinical experience and further training, a medical assistant can become a LVN, a Clinic Nurse, or a Nurse Practitioner.

Are you graduating high school in 2018? Do you go to school and live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Is training for a healthcare career working as Medical Assistant appealing to you?

Then Bay Area Medical Academy’s 2018 Medical Assistant High School Scholarship may interest you.

Find out more about the scholarship here.

And learn:

  • Scholarship eligibility requirements
  • How scholarship awardees are selected
  • Where you should send your application

Good luck with your application!