What Does An Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician Do?

Entry level pharmacy technician studentsYou may have seen a pharmacy technician at work. But you may have thought: what does an entry-level pharmacy technician do? Especially if you like the idea of training to become a pharmacy technician.

A pharmacy technician plays an important role in providing people with healthcare.  Every day they’re ensuring patients receive the correct medications prescribed to them by their doctor.

There is an increased demand for this healthcare worker in the state of California, with the Senate California Legislature reporting a projected pharmacy technician employment growth rate of 28.4%  between 2008 and 2018.

But what does a pharmacy tech do?

Here’s a quick rundown of the common job duties and responsibilities you can expect when you start working.

Duties and Responsibilities for the Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician Working at a Retail Pharmacy

Although pharmacy techs work in variety of healthcare settings, an entry-level employee can expect to begin their career working in retail pharmacy.

Under pharmacist supervision, an entry-level retail pharmacy tech will have some or all of following work:

  • Providing customers with friendly, fast, and efficient service
  • Filling prescriptions by retrieving, counting, and pouring drugs
  • Prescription labeling
  • Compounding specialty medications
  • Distributing medications to patients
  • Inventory control
  • Unpacking, checking, and storing shipments of supplies
  • Processing claims for shortages, overages, and damages in shipments
  • Returning outdated and overstocked merchandise
  • Handling phone inquiries

What Career Paths Are Available After Certification and Retail Pharmacy Experience?

After working at a retail pharmacy, a licensed pharmacy tech can explore some of these career possibilities:

As you take the time to research possible healthcare careers, don’t forget how important a role the retail pharmacy technician plays in providing patient healthcare. It could be that a pharmacy tech program is the first step to a healthcare career that’s perfect for you. Do you think you could fill the need for this healthcare worker in the San Francisco Bay Area?