Jobs for High School Grads After A Pharmacy Tech Program

Pharmacy Technician trainingJobs for high school grads after a pharmacy technician program are a real thing.

Have you just graduated high school? Or are you about to graduate? Do you want a quick way to a stable health care career?

Then how about considering being a pharmacy technician? In today’s dynamic pharmacy industry, there’s an increasing demand to hire well-trained pharmacy technicians. But what types of positions are available, and which ones might be right for you?

To give you some guidance, here’s a quick rundown of three jobs you can get after graduating a pharmacy tech program.

Retail Pharmacy Technician

Have you visited Walgreens recently? Or how about CVS? In either of these stores there’s a pharmacy technician hard at work, knowledgeably carrying out a variety of duties under the supervision of a pharmacist.

In a retail setting, a pharmacy technician orders drugs and medications; oversees inventory; receives and records prescriptions from physicians’ offices; fills prescriptions; and handles cash register transactions.

If working for a large chain pharmacy doesn’t appeal to you, pharmacy technician jobs can also be found at smaller, independent pharmacies. Not to worry, you’ll still be doing the same kind of important health care work as you would at Walgreens, for instance, but you’ll also likely be developing closer customer relationships with people who devotedly choose to visit this type of pharmacy.

You may’ve also seen that pharmacy technicians are also employed at household name supermarkets, such as Safeway or Wal-Mart. Next time you’re grocery shopping, take a look to see if there’s an in-store pharmacy. Chances are you’ll see a pharmacy technician providing exceptional customer care; perhaps notifying the pharmacist of a prescription error, or referring a patient to the pharmacist to discuss need-to-know drug interactions.

The good news is that these employers are open to hiring fresh pharmacy technician graduates from a school near you.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician

After retail, paid care facilities are the second major employers of pharmacy technicians. Hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and John Muir all have pharmacy technicians on staff.

In a clinical setting, a pharmacy technician will work under the general supervision and direction of at least one licensed pharmacist, though the ability to work independently is essential to the job.

A hospital pharmacy technician’s job duties can include: distributing medications for both inpatients and outpatients; performing sterile compounding; reading hospital charts; inputting outpatient prescriptions; filling inpatient and outpatient medications; and maintaining the pharmacy inventory.

If you’ve got your sights set on being a hospital pharmacy technician, you’ll need to have previous experience working in a retail or medical setting. But if high-volume patient interaction is something you’re seeking from your health care career, then providing hospital pharmaceutical care is well within your reach.

Mail-Order Pharmacy Technician

If you’d like to work in a laboratory setting – then working as a pharmacy technician for a mail-order pharmacy could be ideal for you. Over the past years, there’s been an increased trend towards patients conveniently receiving their medications directly through the mail.

At employers such as Express Scripts and Humana Pharmacy, a pharmacy technician works predominantly with colleagues or on their own, dispensing drugs and medications with speed and accuracy to meet facility production standards.

Some of the requirements to be a successful mail order pharmacy technician include: a detailed knowledge of both brand and generic drugs; drug classifications; and pharmacy math conversions. All of the skills needed to dispense a high daily volume of medications.

And while previous pharmacy technician experience is often necessary for working at a mail-order pharmacy, it’s not usually to the same extent as required by a hospital.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, while different experience is required to meet the needs of employers, with the right pharmacy technician training you’re guaranteed a career with plenty of options and variety.

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