Infographic: 5 Steps To Writing A Great Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Technician Job Cover Letter

So you’re about to apply for your first medical assistant or pharmacy technician job.

Your resume is ready. But what about your cover letter?

A customized, targeted cover letter written especially for the job you’re applying for lets you express your interest in the job, and the reasons you’re a qualified applicant, in a way your resume doesn’t allow you.

Your cover letter can expand upon your resume, highlighting your job-relevant skills and experience, while also giving you the opportunity to write about why you’d like to work for the employer. Additionally, a cover letter allows a hiring manager or recruiter to see how well you can express yourself with your writing skills (something very important when you work as medical assistant or pharmacy technician), while also giving them a glimpse of your personality.

Even when an employer doesn’t require a cover letter to be sent with your resume, it’s still a good idea to write and send one. It could be the difference between you getting an interview call or hearing nothing back from the employer.

In the following infographic, we take a look at 5 steps to writing a great medical assistant or pharmacy technician cover letter that’s guaranteed to get your job application pushed to the top of the applicant pile.

How to write a MA or pharmacy technician cover letter. Click on the graphic to open a text file to read the tips.

Get your cover letter reviewed by your Career Services Department  

If your healthcare school has a Career Services Department, ask staff to review your cover letter.

Remember, the only thing worse than not sending a cover letter is sending a cover letter with spelling and grammar mistakes. Even when you’re confident your cover letter is error-free, a fresh pair of eyes can spot something you may have missed.

It may seem like extra work and time-consuming when you’re anxious to apply for your first healthcare job, but the benefits of getting expert help can give you the confidence you’ve done all you can to give yourself the best shot of landing your first medical assistant or pharmacy technician job interview.