Infographic: 5 Essentials To Put On Your Entry-Level Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Technician Resume

Congratulations, you’re ready to send off your medical assistant or pharmacy technician resume to employers to apply for your first healthcare job.

However, don’t be in a rush to email your resume to the employer. You may have found the perfect position for you, but allowing some time to make sure your resume includes essential content can be the difference between you getting an interview or not.

In the following infographic, we take a look at 5 essentials that should be on an entry-level medical assistant or pharmacy technician resume to get (and keep) the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter.

Once your resume includes this content, you’ll be giving yourself a great chance of landing your first healthcare job interview.

Graphic outlining the 5 essentials to put on your entry-level medical assistant or pharmacy technician resume. Click on the graphic to access a file for the text.
Check in with your Career Services Department

Writing a resume can be challenging, especially if it’s your first resume or a resume targeted at a new career.

You’ve spent months training to become a medical assistant or pharmacy technician, so it’s only fitting you spend and hour or two making sure your resume sells your training, skills, and experience in a way that will encourage a hiring manager or recruiter to contact you.

With a potential interview at stake, you may even want to contact your healthcare school’s Career Services Department and arrange a meeting to discuss your resume.

Along with resume advice, career services staff will be a fresh set of eyes for your resume, checking for any grammar, spelling, or formatting errors.

Remember, you want your first contact with a potential employer to be one that leaves a good impression.

Don’t let your eagerness in landing your first medical assistant or pharmacy technician interview get the better of you.

It pays to make sure your resume is job application ready.