Bay Area Medical Academy 101s: Checking In With Your Campus Adviser

Two students holding a sign saying B A M A 1 0 1Have you heard the phrase: a problem shared is a problem halved? If you haven’t, Bay Area Medical Academy has a campus adviser who wants you to know it.

And take it to heart.

Although you may be unaware of your campus adviser, they’re another person at school who wants you to succeed.

They’re also someone you can talk to when school life isn’t going as planned.

But remember if things aren’t going well for you, opening up and speaking to your campus adviser may lead to new solutions you didn’t know were available or possible.  It may also prevent added difficulties, like feeling isolated among your peers.

So when you feel it’s time to share and half your problem, be brave. And be heard.

Speak to your Bay Area Medical Academy campus adviser.