10 Books to Complement Your Pharmacy Tech Program Reading

pharmacy tech student reading in class.jpgDo you want to know about 10 books for your pharmacy tech program reading?

If you’re excited about the prospect of going back to school to train for a pharmacy technician career and are self-motivated to take up the challenge of learning more about your upcoming career, past and present — these could be the books for you.

You can buy all the books on online, and you may even to be able to check them out at your local library.

10 Pharmacy Tech Program Reading Challenges

1. The Drug Book: From Arsenic to Xanax, 250 Milestones in the History of Drugs 

From ancient herbs to modern day drugs, learn how scientists, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies gave us 250 moments that helped shape pharmacy history.

2. Green Pharmacy: The History and Evolution and Evolution of Western Herbal Medicine 

Ever wondered about the value of alternative medicine? Would you like to learn about the growth of plant use in Western pharmacology? Then this is the book for you.

3. Pharmacy: An Illustrated History

A picture is worth a thousand words. Open your eyes to the world of pharmacy as you’ve never seen it before.

4. History of Drug Containers and Their Labels

Prescription labeling will be part of your pharmacy tech program training. Discover how things used to be done before you ever stepped into a classroom with a book from the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy.

5. Generic: The Unbranding of Modern Medicine 

As a pharmacy technician, you’ll be dispensing plenty of generic drugs to customers. Be the first in your class to read about the social, political, and cultural history of generic drugs in America.

6. Pharmacy in World War II

On the battlefield and at home, read about the people who

7. American Pharmacy (1852-2002): A Collection of Historical Essays 

Amaze your pharmacy instructor by getting a first-class pharmacy history education on the side in reading this collection of essays.

8. Guide to Pharmacy Museums and Historical Collections in the United States and Canada

Who knows, you may have a pharmacy museum close to you and you may not even know it. This book will tell you at which exit to get off.

9. The Alphabet of Galen: Pharmacy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

If you’re interested in medieval conceptions of pharmacy, documented here are nearly 300 natural products known for their medicinal uses.

10. Hallelujah Moments: Tales of Drug Discovery

It’s a long way from the laboratory to your medicine cabinet. And it all starts with a hallelujah moment when a new drug was discovered. 

In conclusion…

Research shows that avid reading pays off for everyone.  With every book you read, you build on your knowledge.

Consider how this extra pharmacy tech program reading may improve a class paper, impress a pharmacy hiring manager at an interview, or better your work.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Happy reading!

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