Job Training Through the California Department of Rehabilitation

Graphic with a puzzle that shows the word Vocational being madeThe California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) has 85 locations throughout California administering the largest vocational rehabilitation program in the country for people with a full range of physical and psychiatric disabilities.

Vocational training, sometimes called job training or career training, is a proven way for someone to gain the knowledge and learn the skills to succeed in a new trade or occupation.

If you’re thinking you might be eligible for DOR services, here are some basics to get you started in applying.

What Employment Services Does the California Department of Rehabilitation Offer?

The DOR has a vocational rehabilitation team that works with job seekers, who meet eligibility requirements and have the most significant disabilities, offering employment services that are tailored to ensure the best chance for career success.

These services include:

  • Career assessment and counseling
  • Job search and interview skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Career education and training
  • Assistive technology (technology designed or intended to assist disabled persons)

Implementing employment services such as these, the DOR reported over 13,500 successful employment outcomes for job seekers in the fiscal year 2015-2016.

What Is the Application Process?

The DOR has a three requirement application process.

  1. Request vocational rehabilitation services, with options including completing and signing a DR 222 Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application in person, online or by mail, or by visiting a One-Stop Center and completing an intake application form
  2. Provide information needed for the DOR to decide on an applicant’s eligibility and priority for vocational rehabilitation services
  3. Complete activities involved in the assessment process, including attending an initial interview, watching an orientation video, and participating in a skills and capabilities assessment

You can get more information about DOR services here.

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