Employer Services

Bay Area Medical Academy is a leader in Healthcare Workforce Education in the Bay Area. We are a talent supplier to medical facilities in the area and maintain strong ties with the medical community that we serve. Many employers come to BAMA to talk to our students about the types of candidates they are looking for as well as to meet and interview our students in person.

We provide value-added services in the form of:

  • Customized Workforce Training
  • Externship Placement
  • Employer Engagement
  • Interview Days
  • Candidate Referrals / Resumes
  • Job Board – where employers can post their open positions

If you are an employer and would like to inquire about or request our Employer Services, please email Career Services

Employer Testimonials

“The MA students have always been well trained by Bay Area Medical Academy (BAMA). On a regular basis when there had been an opening at Ward 86 – Positive Health Program, we would hire a former student from BAMA. Medical Assistants from BAMA have proven to be well prepared, fast learners, and very motivated in working at Ward 86.”
Roland Zepf, ACRN, Clinic Manager, San Francisco General Hospital

“We’re very pleased with the students from BAMA that we’ve placed in our pharmacies for their externships. They are well-prepared and possess a strong work ethic. We have hired several BAMA students as a result of their performance during their externships. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BAMA.”
- Sherri Cookson, Hiring Store Manager, Walgreens

“We have worked with BAMA and are delighted with the talented employees we have been able to hire from their [Phlebotomy & Medical Assisting] programs. We have also been sending all of our administrative employees through the phlebotomy program at BAMA. We have chosen BAMA because of their dedication to excellence, their thorough training program and importantly their interest in making sure to keep service orientation as a high priority.”
Sidney Luu,  District Phlebotomy Manager, One Medical Group